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Interpretive Summaries, February 2018

Journal of Dairy Science -

Invited review:Practical feeding management recommendations to mitigate the risk of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle.By Humer et al., page 872.High-producing dairy cows are typically fed large amounts of grain during lactation. This occurs at the expense of forage-based fiber, which is needed to maintain rumen health and function. Such feeding practice enhances the risk of rumen disorders, which are difficult to control on the farm. Controlling particle size distribution to prevent feed sorting and ensure adequate intake of physically effective fiber, reducing meal size, and allowing the cows adequate time for adaptation to new diets are key feeding management tools to mitigate rumen health disorders on farms.

Letter to the Editor: Proceedings from the USDA and National Dairy Council Collaborative Research Planning Meeting Held August 24, 2016

Journal of Dairy Science -

Transdisciplinary research is essential to ensuring a sustainable, safe, and quality food supply. In an effort to broadly communicate—to researchers and other stakeholders in industry, academia, and government sectors—the discussions between the National Dairy Council (NDC) and several USDA agencies (Agricultural Research Service, Economic Research Service, and National Institute of Food and Agriculture) as well as the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR), the proceedings from the USDA and NDC Collaborative Research Planning Meeting were published recently as a Letter to the Editor in the Journal of Food Science (Slimko et al., 2017).

Quel impact de Cash Investigation pour Lactalis et Sodiaal ?

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Hier soir, l'équipe de Cash Investigation s'est attaquée à Lactalis et Sodiaal, avec cette question : Où vont les bénéfices ? Pourquoi, alors que les groupes font des bénéfices, les éleveurs n'arrivent pas à vivre de leur métier ? Vaste question à laquelle l'émission ne répond que partiellement, ...

Pas de génotypage pour les croisées

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Effet d'hétérosis, complémentarité entre les races, attrait pour les vaches type kiwi de Nouvelle-Zélande particulièrement adaptées aux systèmes herbagers... le croisement laitier fait de plus en plus d'émules en France tout en restant encore très minoritaire (5,4 % des inséminations ...


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